Powerful images need powerful technology to get the most from them and Park Road has the ability to realise your ambitions. The latest scanning, grading and digital intermediate technology can bring the best out of your film or digitally acquired material.


Built on over 10 years of industry leading innovation Park Road’s digital picture department is at the forefront of the post production industry and has a heavy focus on talent, technology and end-to-end solutions for film and digital sourced projects of all types. Completing Digital Intermediate work on a huge number of local and international feature films and short films, as well as the picture post work on numerous documentaries, TV series, commercials and video clips, the digital picture team and our technology is adaptable to any project of any scale. Park Road’s digital picture department has the ability to create bespoke workflows and solutions for any client based anywhere in the world.


Park Road has 2 purpose built DI theatres for both 2D and stereoscopic finishing work, both have Christie projectors and are supported by our legendary closed loop colour calibration. Each theatre has a complete top-of-the-line SGO Mistika 4k/Stereoscopic Master System. Naturally each theatre is supported by a dedicated online suite with matching systems and shared storage for speed and fluidity between the online editor and colourist.

Every project has the support of a huge online data network and dedicated data wranglers, a visual effects department incorporating compositors and designers, and a fully equipped tape room, with a seamless flow into our deliverables suites. The digital picture department also utilises Park Roads 178 seat full sized digital/3D/film cinema for final approvals.

For further information regarding our Digital Intermediate service contact Dean Watkins, Head of Production


Park Road has a dedicated VFX offer, utilizing an array of software programs including Nuke, Sihouette, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. We offer 2D Compositing, Digital Paint/Cosmetics, CG Particle Effects, and Set Extensions/Replacements.

Most recently we completed work on over 1000 shots for The Hobbit Trilogy and over 50 shots on Taika Waititi's latest feature/mockumentary "What We Do in the Shadows", which premiered at Sundance January 2014.

Led by Executive Producer,VFX Jennifer Scheer and Senior VFX Supervisor Michael Miller, Park Road VFX is scalable to accommodate projects of all sizes.

For more information regarding Park Road’s VFX contact Executive Producer VFX Jennifer Scheer


Park Road offers full picture post for documentaries, TVC’s, TV series, and other television short and long form work. Recently the digital picture department completed post work for the television docu-drama Tangiwai, including the online, colour grade, VFX shots and deliverables. Among the TV series completed at Park Road are the final online for The Wot Wots, full picture post on The Lost Children, and more recently the colour grade and stereoscopic work on China 3D for NHNZ and Discovery. Park Road has also completed Music Videos for Fat Freddys Drop and other artists, and TV commercials for HBF Australia and New Zealand Tourism.

For more information regarding our post solutions for television contact Dean Watkins, Head of Production


Park Road offers full re-mastering and restoration services. Working closely with our sound team, and using industry leading film scanning and recording department, the digital picture department utilizes the latest in dirt and scratch correction, grain reduction, and colour grading technology to re-invigorate archival masters.

Whether re-mastering for HD BluRay or cinema re-release, or providing a full digitally restored new master negative for archival purposes, Park Road’s attention to detail and care for quality are second to none.

For more information regarding our re-mastering and restoration services contact Dean Watkins, Head of Production


Park Road offers complete digital deliverables services including 2K/4K/Stereoscopic and HFR-3D digital cinema packaging alongside full HD mastering. For DCP (Digital Cinema Package) these services include the highest quality conversion to XYZ colour space, encoding, decoding, encryption, secure key embedding, storing and viewing. For HD mastering Park Road provides colour space conversion at the highest quality, panning and scanning for all viewing ratios, and a full comprehensive QC report to satisfy the strictest international broadcasters. Park Road also has a full service tape room that can provide all SD deliverbles, all data formats and other viewing copies.

For more information regarding our digital deliverables contact Dean Watkins, Head of Production


Park Road can provide offline services, whether a room, a room with equipment and full technical support, up to all services including an offline editor. Because every project is different we tailor a solution on a project-to-project basis.

For more information contact Dean Watkins, Head of Production


Park Road offers end-to-end Stereoscopic services, from on-set consultation and mobile digital lab solutions right through to final delivery of 3D DCP and other 3D masters. Park Road lead the development of HFR-3D and this workflow is seamlessly integrated in our pipeline. Our partnership with industry leaders SGO Mistika in the evolution of our core stereoscopic toolset has allowed internationally recognised innovation in 3D workflow from acquisition through to exhibition.

Our stereoscopic platform is perfectly complemented by the world-class 3D grading environments, and Park Road’s legendary colour accuracy. Park Road has capability across all stereoscopic options, utilising both white screen (suitable for Dolby Digital and XpanD), The new and highly innovative Z/Flake screen and New Zealand’s largest silver DI theatre screen (both suitable for Real-D). Additionally, Park Road caters to 3DTV technologies. Having been involved in numerous stereoscopic projects over the last 3 years the Park We have a dedicated stereoscopic team working with lead stereoscopic artist Meetal Gokul, with an absolute commitment to exceptional quality, comfort and creative excellence.

For more information regarding our stereoscopic services contact Dean Watkins, Head of Production


At Park Road we have always taken the handling of master negative very seriously. With the ever growing requirement to shoot on digital formats, whether it be for purely aesthetic reasons, budgetary restrictions, or due to a project being stereoscopic, the need for that same care and security to be given to the master negative is still as important as ever. Over a number of years Park Road has built significant infrastructure to be able to process, QC, grade and securely back up and store digital negative as we have always done with film.

The beauty of digital is that we can now do that anywhere in the world, for any type of production, using our Mobile Digital Lab. For the first time we can now take our experienced technicians and colourists and have them where the production is based, giving extremely important feedback during the entire process, and guaranteeing that the master negative is completely taken care of from the moment it comes out of the camera right through all stages of post to deliverables.

Looking after everything including data back up, QC, colour grading, asset management, editorial delivery and secure vaulting, Park Road’s digital lab service is comprehensive and complete, with significant advantages right through the post path including VFX delivery and final online and grade. The service can be tailored to any production of any scale in any location, and can include a few or all parts of the process, right down to iPad rushes for key crew.

Park Road can provide equipment and personnel for the following Digital Lab services:-

  • Initial Data back up – multiple copies are created straight away on set including 2 LTO tapes, giving several levels of redundancy
  • Data checksum and verification – an initial data check for any errors or discrepancies, allowing for almost instant feedback to the camera department
  • Management of Metadata – all metadata associated with all clips (like stereoscopic rig metadata) is acquired and entered into Park Road’s proprietary asset management system
  • Collation and back up of other data – Sound files, camera reports, continuity notes and any other relevant data produced on set is also backed up and stored with the pictures files
  • Look management – on set looks in the form of metadata or stills are managed prepared
  • Dailies grade – The data is prepped and presented to the dailies colourist for the dailies grade and QC, with the dailies colourist liaising with the DOP, and a full telecine style QC report is produced
  • Initial stereoscopic alignment and QC – On stereoscopic projects an initial stereo colour match and alignment is provided, along with a full stereoscopic QC report
  • Transcoding and prep for editorial – The dailies are transcoded in the required format, checked and then delivered to editorial along with all other relevant data including all sound data and reports
  • iPad dailies – We can provide dailies for key crew on iPad in a completely secure fashion
  • Vaulting of Original Camera Negative – At least 2 copies of the OCN are vaulted at separate secure locations satisfying all bond guarantor and insurance needs

With Park Road also completing the DI and deliverables, our Digital Lab Service offers huge advantages to guarantee the smooth running of that final crunch period of post. All data is maintained and added to via our asset management system, including dailies grade and initial stereoscopic alignment work, saving precious time during the last weeks of post. If the final DI is to be done elsewhere then Park Road can still complete all Digital Lab services and pass on all relevant data to any other post facility in a structured and secure fashion. As this service is scalable and unique to each production it is a POA service.

For more information contact Amy Shand, Head of Digital Lab

“The team at Park Road Post is absolutely amazing. Working with them was so simple and streamlined, you'd never know that they were on the other side of the world. ”

Kathleen Kennedy Producer
The Adventures of Tintin

“I have had the luxury of completing two feature films at Park Road. With Clare Burlinson's generous input as Colourist, plus the new Pablo software, the DI process is even faster and more controllable than ever. Seeing your images on the scale that they are projected is wonderful, and then each morning just down the corridor we can see tests from the previous days grade projected on a cinema scale screen. This is the way to go as you are talking to the same team, be it in the DI suite or the Lab, they all care about the final print. ”

Leon Narbey Cinomatographer
The Tattooist, No. 2