Millions of people around the world can attest to the quality of Park Road’s sound facilities. The team of editors and mixers that created the sound for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and King Kong did so at Park Road. Our in-house mixer, Michael Hedges, was a key member of both those Academy Award®-winning teams.


Theatres 1 and 2

Re-recording Theatres 1 and 2 are the jewels in Park Road’s crown. These huge, world-renowned theatres feature fully automated 450-channel Euphonix System 5 consoles with monitoring for all film and digital formats. They have both high quality video projection from random access digital replay and the 35mm high-speed film projection to an 11 meter screen. These rooms were first used for the mix of Lord of the Rings : Return of the King, and have been used for many major features since including King Kong, The Lovely Bones and District 9.

At Park Road we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle any project, and good evidence of this was refitting Theatre 1 recently to mix the King Kong 3D 360 ride for Universal Studios. In this case 22.2 monitoring was fitted and screens were built down each side to replicate a scale version of the actual ride.

Our theatres each come with an adjoining producers office and client lounge.

Park Road can call upon experienced world class re-recording mixers on staff including Michael Hedges our two times Academy Award® winning mixer and Tim Chaproniere. The facility has also played host to numerous world-class mixers such as Chris Boyes, Michael Semanick, Lora Hirschberg, Gary Summers and Gethin Creagh… What ever the production desires we pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate.

Theatre 3

Our smaller mixing theatre (which is still 870 square feet in size) has a fully automated 156 channel Euphonix System 5 console with monitoring for all film, Digital and Television formats. It has high quality video projection from random access digital replay.

Theatre 3 is used for Dialogue premix for features, commercials mixing for Cinema and television, large television projects, music mixing and DVD mastering.

Television Mix room

Park Road also offers a 5.1 Icon room for television mixing. This suite is especially suited for television series and documentary mixing and has been used extensively on shows such as the Wot Wots and Super City.


The sound department boasts a purpose-built 600 square foot Foley stage that’s staffed with experienced recordists and performers, all of whom are accustomed to working on large-scale film and television projects. Some recent credits include The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and District 9.

The Foley stage offers custom sound effects creation and design for feature and television work. All Foley is recorded to Protools etc. The stage offers a water pit, and various unique surfaces.


Park Road has a specialist ADR theatre that allows actor, director and operator to work in direct line of sight. It features a large digital playback screen with a streamer cueing system for faster, more accurate dialogue placement. In addition to ADR we are equipped for ISDN sessions to monitor and record actors in ADR studios around the world.


Our 550 square feet music recording room is ideal for small groups or overdubs. This very quiet comfortable space has an excellent control room fitted with a 156 channel Euphonix System 5 console and offers a range of external preamps.


We are passionate about the restoration and remastering of films, and act as the lead and only sound facility working with the New Zealand Film Archive and Archives New Zealand. We have restored 1000’s of historic New Zealand titles. Much of the historic material is available only as optical tracks, so is transferred to a digital format and lovingly restored to its original state.

In the case of remastering work, our Re-recording mixers play a role throughout the process working with the film maker (and if necessary a sound designer) to upgrade the material to 5.1 adding material if needed.


With 18 suites available to sound design teams Park Road is capable of housing the largest of projects. Fully-equipped tracklay and edit rooms feature ProTools editing systems linked by server to the mix desks. Our editing suites, including 5.1 design rooms, are in close proximity to the theatres and our multi room, multi editor facility The Fishbowl means we have the flexibility to deliver a purpose built solution on any show. Daily backup of all work stations is available.


Park Road has great working relationships with several of the world’s best sound designers, supervisors and editors who can be contracted to your production. We are happy to discuss your sound needs with you and recommend the right team for your project or you can check some of them out at


Tim is a sound designer & supervising sound editor with over 30 feature film credits. He works on projects ranging from VFX-heavy studio films through to independent NZ feature films, documentaries & short films. Contact Tim at or visit his web page


Dave is a sound designer & supervising sound editor who is confident working on any size film in any genre. From creature design to the ethereal; nothing is impossible. Contact Dave at or visit his web page


POW! Post is a Sound Design and Editorial Collective, creating feature film soundtracks for the local and international film industry. Recent projects include working with Chinese Company, Yili Animation, realising their 3D futuristic CGI feature 10,000 Years Later. POW! Post has a major plus, having a fluent Mandarin speaker within the collective. Contact or visit their website at

“The team at Park Road Post is absolutely amazing. Working with them was so simple and streamlined, you'd never know that they were on the other side of the world. ”

Kathleen Kennedy Producer
The Adventures of Tintin

“It's very rare to find a facility on this scale with such a high quality of sound in a room that simulates a cinema experience. But above and beyond this is the pure excitement and passion the staff has, and it shows in the final product. The quality and enthusiasm of the artists and operators at Park Road is matched by their skill. It's a rare and beautiful thing.”

David Slade Director
30 Days of Night

“Everything a filmmaker could possibly need for post production is all there under one roof. In the past, I've had to drive all over Los Angeles for hours at a time, at Park Road I just walk down the hall. It's simply the best post production facility I've ever seen. ”

Jay Russell Director
The Water Horse